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Sample Customer Success Story:

Business Need:

A service management solution that is mobile, powerful and easy to use:
· Increase the number of customer visits each day
· Maximize the number of tasks performed correctly the first time while mobile
· Eliminate missed revenue by recording all service/sales data accurately when it happens
· Bill immediately and accurately after job completion and expedite payment process
· Lever technology and maximize investment in PCs, Laptops, PDAs and cell phones
· Reduce the need for return visits to complete the job
· A flexible, cost effective solution to grow with your business

Business Problem:

Customer places a service call. Work order information entered into a dispatch system. Work order is then eventually manually relayed to a service technician by phone. Technician arrives on site to perform work. Calls HQ with a procedure question as the manuals are back at office… references out of date inventory and price info… completes additional services but forgets to note them on work order. Technician drops completed work orders back at HQ once per week. Work orders are collected, sorted and forwarded to accounting. Data entry and adjustments are made; invoice is then generated, reviewed by a manager, printed out and mailed - two weeks after work was completed.

The HVAC Service Software Mobile Solution:

Customer places a service call. Work order information entered into a dispatch system. A dynamic SMS text message relevant to the work order is automatically sent to the right service technician's cell phone alerting them. The work order is "pushed" automatically to the technician's PDA or Laptop. The service tech uses their PDA or Laptop to accept or reject the work order - which triggers notifications (SMS and/or Email) to the "right" people notifying them.

The service technician can access reference material already installed on their device or by finding the right info that they need and installing it on the device in one click. Outdated price and inventory reports are removed from the device and new ones installed without requiring action from the technician (or even without them knowing!).

The technician completes the job, fills in details on the work order on his device, and captures the customer signature and digital photos of defective parts. The service technician can manually publish the work order back to HQ - regardless of a data connection being available at the time. Work orders can also be published back to HQ automatically - the device can wake up based on a pre-set schedule, perform actions and go back to sleep. The completed work order is automatically pushed to the right people (accounting, manager, etc.) with notifications (SMS/Email). Accurate invoices are printed and mailed within hours of the job being completed.

Proven Payback and Return on Investment (ROI):

Sample metrics from a deployment for 10 service technicians:
· Dispatcher and service technicians save 2-3 hours/day on average
· Total cost savings for the company >$100,000/year.
· Total cost of solution (for 10) service technician = $19,000 (1st year) then $12,000 / year
· Payback in 2.3 months, with an ROI of 429%
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